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How Often Should I Get New Tires?

As a rule of thumb, tires are usually meant to last about 50,000 – 60,000 miles per every change, but it really depends on how much you're driving and where you're driving to. Unfortunately, there is really no way of telling how long a tire actually lasts. Your tire life is dependent on the climate in which the tires are mostly driven in, your personal driving habits, and how long you've had them. From the date of manufacture, it's important to have your tires at least checked after five years. If you have had no issues and you are experiencing no slip while turning or coming to a complete stop, then you should be fine, but again, they need to be inspected. Your spare tire should not be used every day! If you think you can just replace one of your old tires this way, unfortunately, this is not the case. HOW DO I CHECK MY TIRES? First, check your tire pressure. This can be done at any gas station, or, you can be the tire pressure checker as well. You should do this at least once a ... read more


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Rebuilding a Mercedes Engine

In many cases, and depending on the age, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to part out your Mercedes than to fully rebuild the engine.  There’s simply no way to stop this process entirely, but regular maintenance (oil changes, for example) ensure that your engine will degrade as slowly as possible. Like everything with moving parts, vehicle engines degrade over time—even luxury vehicle engines. Gears grind out against each other and bearings eventually thin to a point where it’s dangerous to get on the freeway. A Mercedes-Benz check engine light can mean a variety of things. When the check engine light comes on in your Mercedes-Benz it means that the OBD System (onboard diagnostic system) has detected a problem. A check engine light will alert you to a variety of different issues from major to minor. When you put gas in your car this mo ... read more


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Famed Checkered Upholstery is Back

Just because CK Auto Exclusive specializes in new model Mercedes Benz, does not mean we don't have an affinity for the old school, I mean, we are the old school. “There's no school like the old school, and well, we're the headmasters.” (Name that movie…) Anyway, Paul Duckworth is considered the Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa area's most qualified Mercedes technician. Where many dealerships fall short of service and repair needs, Paul has taken on projects that dealerships and mechanics alike could not resolve. We've been around for a while, around 30 years, and have seen pretty much every model of Mercedes come through our doors. MERCEDES RESTORATION Tuesday, Mercedes said that 80% of the 300SL models produced between 1954 and 1957 with the fabric interior rock the old school blue/gray checkered design. The design is found on 300SL's backrests, seat side bolsters, and seatbacks. Mercedes also offered leather upholstery at the time for an additio ... read more

Santa Rosa Mercedes Benz Transmission Building

Regular maintenance of the transmission is essential to prolonging the life of your luxury vehicle. In general, if your Mercedes' transmission is being properly lubricated by the transmission fluid then your vehicle will be in good shape. The transmission is a key component in every single vehicle. Transmissions can be either automatic or manual, but they perform the same function either way: energy transfer from the engine to the wheels. If you are looking for Santa Rosa transmission repair look no further than the experts at CK Auto Exclusive Not only are we able to rebuild a variety of different transmissions on site, we will quickly and efficiently install them to get you back in your Mercedes and back on the road in no time. There is no job too big or too small that we won't tackle, and depending on the severity of the issue, expert mechanic Paul Duckworth is happy to hop in on the project. The service provided by the Santa Ro ... read more


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Sprinter Schedules and Mods - Nothing We Can't Tackle

If you have purchased your Mercedes Sprinter off the lot, Service A (Oil Change Plus) will not be due for 20,000 miles. The Mercedes-Benz manual suggests that you should change your oil every 20,000 miles, but we like to weigh on the safe side of things and suggest you should change it every 10,000 miles. Mercedes Sprinter service intervals vary depending on the make and the model respectively, but as a general rule, maintenance should be performed (and recorded!) after 10,000 miles. At CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa we perform Mercedes-Benz Sprinter maintenance from factory scheduled maintenances to diagnostics and engine repair. Keeping up with the maintenance schedule for your Sprinter van is very important to maintain the longevity and performance of your Mercedes-Benz van for years to come. There is an increased demand for the Sprinter Mercedes-Benz vans in recent years and w ... read more


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