Mercedes Transmission Repair

Don't ignore one of the most important systems in your Mercedes! The transmission is a key component of every car on the road. Just like every other part of a vehicle, the transmission needs regular maintenance to ensure it is working properly. At CK Auto Exclusive, we can perform the necessary fluid and fluid filter changes for your Mercedes vehicle, no matter the model or year.

Your Mercedes Benz transmission is working hard every time you drive to keep your engine operating at an appropriate speed. Through precise engineering, your transmission uses multiple gears to accomplish this goal. As your foot hits the pedal to increase speed, your transmission begins shifting into higher gears and as you slow down, it shifts back into lower gears. Much like the internal components in your engine, transmissions need fluid to function properly and will occasionally need to be checked and either filled or replaced. When your Mercedes Benz transmission needs maintenance or a repair, we got you covered.

CK Auto Exclusive has been located in Santa Rosa since 1977. Sonoma County residents have trusted our professional and honest mechanics to service their vehicles for years and years. Our master mechanic, Paul Duckworth, has over 30 years of experience working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. If your Mercedes needs regular transmission service or even a complete transmission repair or replacement, come in to CK Auto and see what we can do for you.

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