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All About Tires - What Do You Have on Your Mercedes Benz?

The tires on your car help you accelerate, grip the road as you make a turn and stop your vehicle. The type of tires your Mercedes Benz needs is dependent on the environment you drive in and type of vehicle. Do you frequently drive through ice/snow? There are various terrains that require different types of tires and some require additional maintenance like switching from snow tires in the winter to standard all season tires in the summer. Ck Auto Exclusive makes it easy to determine what your Mercedes needs whether it's a replacement or maintenance on your current tires with rotations, repairs, tread assessment or 4Matic all-wheel drive troubleshooting. DIFFERENT TYPES OF TIRES Most modern cars fresh off the assembly line are equipped with all-season tires. These tires are constructed as a “do-it-all” tire as they provide a balance among performance, grip, wet-weather safety, acceptable noise and durability. Wet weather tires are made with ... read more

What to do when your Mercedes SRS light comes on

Vehicle warning lights on your Mercedes can mean a number of things. A warning light may indicate a very minor issue or you may need to pull over immediately and turn the vehicle off. So what should you do when your supplemental restraint system (SRS) warning light comes on? The supplemental restraint system (SRS) light is one that we get asked about often. This light indicates that the airbags in the dashboard are not functioning correctly. This is one of the most serious warning lights you can see activate in your vehicle. If you see this warning light, you should drive extremely cautiously. Airbags are one of the key safety features in your car. Unfortunately, we've seen some people drive for years and years with this light on. Again, get your vehicle in to a professional as soon as you possibly can to correct the issue. With any warning light, make sure to have it checked out by a professional at some point. A minor issue could become a major issue very quickly. You should remembe ... read more