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The Mercedes-Benz AMG

Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach. The AMG brand began with two passionate motorsports engineers in the 1960s. Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher used their spare time to perfect the performance on a 300 SE racing engine. The talented engineers were a part of the Development Department at Daimler-Benz, yet the company ended up discontinuing their motorsports activities. Aufrecht and Melcher refused to let the closure affect their love for motorsports so the new space for the development of this engine landed in Aufrecht's house in Grossaspach. WHAT MAKES THE MERCEDES BENZ AMG SO SPECIAL? AMG was becoming a global brand. That 300 SE engine that Aufrecht and Melcher developed was put to the test in 1965 at the German Touring Car Championship. An old colleague at Daimler, Manfred Schiek, raced and won ten times with the engine. Clearly, this was the beginning of something special. A disruptive innovation in the motorsports industry that began turning heads. Additional races were ... read more

What's New in the World of Mercedes Benz?

The rate of Mercedes-Benz innovation always seems to impress. Whether you are a proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz, or aspiring to purchase one, their competition doesn't compare to Mercedes' history, technology and engineering. In 1886, Karl Benz created what is considered the first practical automobile. Since that day, Mercedes continues to innovate and create a unique driving experience. Designs and new technology based around safety like MBUX, helps to tackle issues such as distracted driving and will hit the market in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As we approach 2020, new models and new technology will be created. But as always, many new items have a learning curve that leave room for issues with the system. Thankfully, professional Mercedes-Benz service centers such as CK Auto Exclusive has the technology and experience to keep up with this rapid course of innovation. FEATURED VEHICLE – THE NEW 2020 MERCEDES-BENZ CLA The CLA coupe is sporty, elegant and sleek. Improve ... read more

Why Choose a Mercedes-Benz Independent Shop for Service?

When you drive a Mercedes-Benz you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best. But don't be confused when it comes to servicing and maintenance, sometimes the best can only be found in an independent shop like CK Auto Exclusive. Servicing your Mercedes-Benz comes with ownership and is an important factor when purchasing a vehicle. Service intervals are becoming longer as technology and materials improve, but this is also creating a false sense of security as some people forget and overlook their vehicles maintenance. Mercedes-Benz USA conducted a recent survey and found that 100% of vehicle owners desire that their car be maintained and serviced by a Mercedes-Benz master technician. Most people don't know that independent shops like CK Auto Exclusive meet this criteria with factory trained personnel. Using CK Auto isn't just for aged Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but also for new vehicles. When dealer pricing becomes costly, owners look for alternatives ... read more

Top-5 Coolest Car Movies Featuring Mercedes-Benz

Paul Duckworth, master mechanic and owner of CK Auto, has been working on Santa Rosa Mercedes models since 1987. Mercedes repair and service shops are not all the same caliber; that's why drivers of all types trust CK Auto with their Mercedes mechanic needs. Our shop can service and repair all models and all years of Mercedes-Benz. We hope you'll enjoy this eclectic batch of cool Mercedes models in some of our favorite car movies. Tej's Mercedes-AMG GT in Fast 8Film: The Fate of the Furious (2017) Featured Actor: Ludacris (Tej) Mercedes Model: AMG GT 1992 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse W140Film: Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) Featured Actor ... read more

A Quick Look at the Mercedes-Benz EQC

The world is quickly changing, especially in the transportation sector. Car manufacturers, consumers, regulators, and Mercedes Benz mechanics all are preparing for the introduction of more and more electric vehicles. CK Auto Exclusive, Santa Rosa's trusted Benz mechanic shop since 1977, loves everything about Mercedes-Benz and as such, we wanted to help spread the word about the new electric vehicle product and technology brand by Mercedes: EQ. THE BUZZ BEHIND THE EQC The EQC is the first vehicle announced under the product and technology brand EQ. It world premiered in Stockholm on September 4th. It will go on sale in the U.S. in 2020. EQ is the abbreviation for the brand's exploration of a new ideology: “Electric Intelligence”. The brand hopes to emphasize the “emotion” and “intelligence” inherent in the vehicle line. The EQC adds another vehicle model to the all-electric cars made by Mercedes-Benz. TELL US ABOUT THE FEATURE ... read more