Mercedes Computer Diagnostics

CK Auto Exclusive has been servicing the vehicles of Santa Rosa since 1977. There have been a lot of changes in the industry in that time, including tons of technological advancement. CK Auto has changed a lot in that time too, keeping up with the newest tech. Today's vehicles are basically computers on wheels, and to properly service them requires equally complex diagnostic computers. We believe that providing the best service to our customers means keeping up with innovations while remaining true to the old standards of service.

Your Mercedes' computer system receives information from various sensors in your vehicle to maintain the best performance possible while keeping emissions low. It is a vital player in your vehicle and can cause problems if it is not functioning properly. Your Mercedes-Benz computer generally has the job of letting you know if there is something wrong by illuminating a warning sign like the “check engine” light. Yet if there is a problem with the computer system itself, CK Auto has the diagnostic tools to spot the problem and repair or fix it.

Our professional technicians have access to the most advanced diagnostic computers available. We can determine the cause of any problem your Mercedes vehicle has, from the airbags to the brakes to the transmission. Information about your car's performance and efficiency is stored in the onboard computer. Our technicians can access this information and use it to help you keep your vehicle in prime condition. Your Mercedes is a luxury vehicle and it deserves only the best when it comes to keeping it working properly. Our team of technicians works exclusively with Mercedes vehicles, so you can rest assured that we know exactly what we're dealing with when we deal with your car.

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