Famed Checkered Upholstery is Back

Just because CK Auto Exclusive specializes in new model Mercedes Benz, does not mean we don't have an affinity for the old school, I mean, we are the old school. “There's no school like the old school, and well, we're the headmasters.” (Name that movie…) Anyway, Paul Duckworth is considered the Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa area's most qualified Mercedes technician. Where many dealerships fall short of service and repair needs, Paul has taken on projects that dealerships and mechanics alike could not resolve. We've been around for a while, around 30 years, and have seen pretty much every model of Mercedes come through our doors.


Tuesday, Mercedes said that 80% of the 300SL models produced between 1954 and 1957 with the fabric interior rock the old school blue/gray checkered design. The design is found on 300SL's backrests, seat side bolsters, and seatbacks. Mercedes also offered leather upholstery at the time for an additional charge. (Information in this article was taken from MotorAuthority.com) The red and green pattern was the second-most-popular choice with 14 percent of 300SLs equipped with it, while the green and beige is not really that popular, only about 6% of Mercedes sports cars use this kind of upholstery. Whatever your motivation was for restoring your Mercedes, whether it was a family heirloom, passion project, or you just love old Mercedes 300SLs, either way, people will go through a lot to get the parts they need. Especially if you can find the original. So, the upholstery coming back is kind of a big deal. It is clear that the supplier for Mercedes is promising strict quality control for the upholstery and buyers will receive a 4-ply, double weave twill, that is odor-neutral. Working with Mercedes' original supplier, it's helping Mercedes car restorers by a LOT, taking out the middleman and offering a real opportunity for people who are passionate about the brand. Buyers must order the upholstery by the meter, which costs $227 per meter. Depending on your region, it can be ordered directly from Mercedes or at a dealer. This upholstery was featured in original coupes and roadsters, so new runs being made is really just a godsend. Why is this important? Because Mercedes is working with the original manufacturers of the famed upholstery, runs will still go by their original code numbers and will be produced by the exact same factory settings as their older counterparts. This is to ensure that the original design of the fabric is intact. If you love Mercedes 300SLs, today was a good day.