Santa Rosa Mercedes Benz Transmission Building

Regular maintenance of the transmission is essential to prolonging the life of your luxury vehicle. In general, if your Mercedes' transmission is being properly lubricated by the transmission fluid then your vehicle will be in good shape. The transmission is a key component in every single vehicle. Transmissions can be either automatic or manual, but they perform the same function either way: energy transfer from the engine to the wheels. If you are looking for Santa Rosa transmission repair look no further than the experts at CK Auto Exclusive Not only are we able to rebuild a variety of different transmissions on site, we will quickly and efficiently install them to get you back in your Mercedes and back on the road in no time. There is no job too big or too small that we won't tackle, and depending on the severity of the issue, expert mechanic Paul Duckworth is happy to hop in on the project. The service provided by the Santa Rosa Mercedes-Benz mechanics at CK Auto is unmatched by our competitors, that's why our customers keep coming back. We've even fixed problems the dealership couldn't fix! The transmission fluid lubricates the gears of the transmission to both prevent wearing-down and facilitate the switching of gears. To keep your Mercedes running smoothly, it's extremely important to replace the transmission fluid and the filter that removes contaminants from the fluid. Mercedes transmissions can be tricky – but our team specializes in the latest technology to help us determine the true problem with your Mercedes, fixing it the first time and the right way, every time. CK Auto is well-qualified to service your Mercedes transmission. CK Auto has been in Santa Rosa since 1977, so you can rest assured that our certified mechanics will treat both you and your vehicle with the respect you deserve. We service all Mercedes-Benz models and years with the latest computerized diagnostic tools. At CK Auto Exclusive, we aim to take the nightmare out of a transmission rebuild for your Mercedes-Benz.


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