Why Choose a Mercedes-Benz Independent Shop for Service?

When you drive a Mercedes-Benz you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best. But don't be confused when it comes to servicing and maintenance, sometimes the best can only be found in an independent shop like CK Auto Exclusive.

Servicing your Mercedes-Benz comes with ownership and is an important factor when purchasing a vehicle. Service intervals are becoming longer as technology and materials improve, but this is also creating a false sense of security as some people forget and overlook their vehicles maintenance.

Mercedes-Benz USA conducted a recent survey and found that 100% of vehicle owners desire that their car be maintained and serviced by a Mercedes-Benz master technician. Most people don't know that independent shops like CK Auto Exclusive meet this criteria with factory trained personnel. Using CK Auto isn't just for aged Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but also for new vehicles. When dealer pricing becomes costly, owners look for alternatives and CK Auto as an independent repair shops is a great choice.

Not all independent shops are the same though, so let's look at some of the things you should consider when choosing an independent Mercedes-Benz repair and servicing shop.


CK Auto Exclusive's factory-trained master technicians have the training and know-how on how to use Mercedes' state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment supplied. CK Auto uses diagnostic equipment and technology that is made purposefully for diagnosing and troubleshooting Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This combination of master technicians with Mercedes-Benz specific diagnostic equipment means that your car can be diagnosed and fixed in the shortest amount of time possible, by professionals who know how to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Don't underestimate the importance of using an independent shop with factory trained, master technicians and the latest technology.


Mercedes-Benz found in their study that the main reasons Mercedes-Benz owners would use a small, independent repair shop instead of a dealership is for a much lower price, and for convenience. At CK Auto we're working every day to keep our prices low and make doing business with us easy and pleasant, and our regular customers know this about us.

Our clients are continually surprised that our quality of service, customer service, and pricing far surpasses that of a dealership – and that's why they keep coming back.


CK Auto uses Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts means you're getting the exact part engineered for the job. There are always other options and we feel it's good to give our customer's choices. However, it's our goal to offer the best parts that provide longevity, safety and performance.


Every time your vehicle is serviced, we check for the latest repair and recall updates from Mercedes-Benz. Sometimes this means your repairs can be covered free of charge. We have the honesty and integrity to tell you that and we'll be quick to recommend any cost-conscious options available to you.

We also keep advanced digital records and store your vehicles' maintenance records in a database to ensure a vehicle's history is logged. These records have been proven to enhance resale value of your vehicle as well.

The choice is clear, CK Auto Exclusive is the better option when considering your next Mercedes-Benz maintenance or repair shop.

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