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Mercedes-Benz - Continual Innovation

The first Mercedes-Benz was created by Karl Benz in 1886. It was a three-wheeled, rear-mounted single cylinder engine “Motorwagen.” Since then, Mercedes have made numerous advancements in engineering and technology and remain an elite automaker. Just as Mercedes-Benz continues to innovate, your local Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair shop: CK Auto Exclusive, continues to be a reliable source of taking care of your Mercedes. MERCEDES-BENZ HISTORY The Benz Special Touring Car in 1910 was the first to use four valves per cylinder, improving performance and fuel consumption. By 1921 Mercedes was already experimenting with a supercharged engine by pressurizing the fuel-air mixture. The early 1900s proved to be a highly innovative period for Mercedes' engines. They had even created a vehicle (1906 Mercedes Mixte) that ran partially on battery-electric power making it an early ancestor of today's hybrid technology. The mid to late 1900s proved to be a time of in ... read more


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Luxury and Style Meets Utility - Towing with a Mercedes Benz

A Mercedes meets many needs such as luxury and style, but often what can be overlooked is towing capability. After all, the Mercedes' GLS class and Sprinter Van contain powerful best-in-class engines and are built for carrying large loads and towing when needed. With all that capability and capacity, most Mercedes-Benz owners that use their vehicle for towing don't know what their vehicle is capable of – nor do they know the impact towing has on their vehicle. WHAT CAN A MERCEDES-BENZ TOW? The Mercedes' Sprinter towing capacity maxes out at around 7,500 pounds and the Mercedes GL450 towing capacity maxes out at just about the same. The Mercedes-Benz GL class has other models like the GL550 and the AMG GLS 63 with a bit more horsepower but the towing capacity is relatively similar. Examples of items these Mercedes' might tow include: camping trailers, small ski boats, small horse trailers, personal watercrafts or a couple ATVs. Just take a look at this ... read more


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