Luxury and Style Meets Utility - Towing with a Mercedes Benz

A Mercedes meets many needs such as luxury and style, but often what can be overlooked is towing capability. After all, the Mercedes' GLS class and Sprinter Van contain powerful best-in-class engines and are built for carrying large loads and towing when needed. With all that capability and capacity, most Mercedes-Benz owners that use their vehicle for towing don't know what their vehicle is capable of – nor do they know the impact towing has on their vehicle.


The Mercedes' Sprinter towing capacity maxes out at around 7,500 pounds and the Mercedes GL450 towing capacity maxes out at just about the same. The Mercedes-Benz GL class has other models like the GL550 and the AMG GLS 63 with a bit more horsepower but the towing capacity is relatively similar. Examples of items these Mercedes' might tow include: camping trailers, small ski boats, small horse trailers, personal watercrafts or a couple ATVs. Just take a look at this Mercedes Sprinter towing at max capacity.


Knowing your trailer's weight and total cargo load is very important. Not only can exceeding your vehicle's capacities be dangerous, it can also cause premature wear on its mechanical components. Doing the research and accurately estimating your load weight and vehicle's capacity will help ensure your vehicle's safety and performance.

Just like your vehicle and trailer, your trailer hitch also has a limited towing capacity you need to be aware of. Just because your vehicle says it can carry 7,500 pounds does not mean your hitch can. Hitches can snap and break, unleashing your goods onto the highway. Choosing the right set up for your needs is something that we here at CK Auto Exclusive would love to help you with in order to safely and efficiently tow all that you can this summer.


Along with all the benefits of towing come extra responsibilities for your vehicle. A car is engineered to be driven around comfortably under its own weight so once you begin adding extra weight, it adds stress on many of your vehicle's components. Brakes will begin to deteriorate as they must work harder to stop your vehicle and its load. Tires begin to lose tread and air faster under more weight. Heavy loads can cause your engine to work too hard which can lead to overheating the drivetrain and damaging the life of your transmission. Hitting the service and maintenance intervals is imperative if you tow and make sure to let us know at CK Auto Exclusive if you plan on towing. There are additional parts and planning that can go into maintaining a vehicle that tows. We care about the longevity of your vehicle and want to ensure all of the vehicle's components are in great shape when you add that extra weight.


If you've ever thought that towing is only for trucks, SUVs and vans, think again. You can reap the benefits of towing with just about any vehicle. Stop by CK Auto Exclusive and we will have your Mercedes towing in no time. With over thirty years of experience with Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we know your automobile's limits and ideal towing set up to get you safely to the lake, campground, trails or wherever else your summer adventure takes you.



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