Mercedes-Benz - Continual Innovation

The first Mercedes-Benz was created by Karl Benz in 1886. It was a three-wheeled, rear-mounted single cylinder engine “Motorwagen.” Since then, Mercedes have made numerous advancements in engineering and technology and remain an elite automaker. Just as Mercedes-Benz continues to innovate, your local Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair shop: CK Auto Exclusive, continues to be a reliable source of taking care of your Mercedes.


The Benz Special Touring Car in 1910 was the first to use four valves per cylinder, improving performance and fuel consumption. By 1921 Mercedes was already experimenting with a supercharged engine by pressurizing the fuel-air mixture. The early 1900s proved to be a highly innovative period for Mercedes' engines. They had even created a vehicle (1906 Mercedes Mixte) that ran partially on battery-electric power making it an early ancestor of today's hybrid technology.

The mid to late 1900s proved to be a time of increased safety and efficient suspension. Four-wheel independent suspension allowed each wheel to respond individually, greatly reducing the stress on the overall suspension system. By 1958, the development of every new Mercedes included a rigorous regimen of crash-testing, a learning tool that became popular in the auto industry and has been a benchmark in creating safer vehicles. Antilock Braking System (ABS) made its debut in the 70's helping drivers to remain in control under heavy braking and Mercedes' came out with one of the most important safety breakthroughs in 1995 known as Electronic Stability Program (ESP). ESP helps maintain control in corners and evasive maneuvers and is now required by law on all cars.

The 2000's created a wave of technological advancements. Pre-Safe is a system that can help prepare a driver and passengers for an accident before it happens. It can detect that certain types of collision might be unavoidable and in the moment before impact, the system will snug the front seat belts and adjust the front head restraints to help its effectiveness in restraining the driver and passengers. Car-to-X Communication was developed in the 2017 E-Class and it shares critical information to other vehicles equipped with this technology about potential dangers like slippery roads, fog, heavy rain and accidents/break downs. The hope is that more automakers will include this technology to help create an intelligent and safe driving experience in the future.


Even a technologically advanced vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz needs to be serviced and maintained. CK Auto Exclusive in Santa Rosa, CA specializes in servicing and maintaining Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We have different maintenance schedules depending on your mileage or how long its been since your last service. In order to keep your Mercedes running at its best and most efficient, regular maintenance and service is a must. At CK Auto Exclusive, we dedicated our craft to understanding and learning about these innovative machines.


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