How Much Does it Cost to Service a Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz service costs may be a hard number to pin down, but understanding your options before taking your car to the shop is important. At CK Auto Exclusive, Paul Duckworth and his team pride themselves on the work they perform as certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics, but on the principle that no work should be done or suggested if it is truly not needed.

If you are unsure about what you are dealing with under the hood of your Mercedes-Benz, it’s time to call the experts. The talented team at CK Auto Exclusive has been working with the Mercedes-Benz brand for decades, so you will leave confident that no matter the issue, CK Auto Exclusive Mercedes-Benz repair Santa Rosa is the best dealership alternative in the area.


General Service Expectation and Cost

As a rule, you should expect to service your Mercedes-Benz every 10,000 miles or at once a year. Of course, this rule can vary based on the year and condition of your Mercedes-Benz. The make, model and engine type of your Mercedes-Benz will vary in maintenance needs and concerns, especially depending on the mileage and the driver’s habits.

A-Service vs. B-Service

Depending on your car, driving habits and usage, you are either up for a Mercedes-Benz A-Service, or Mercedes-Benz B-Service. The Mercedes-Benz A-Service is typically priced under $200 and will include a basic oil change and inspection. The B-Service, which is the second and one of the most important, can cost anywhere from $400 plus, but this service includes everything included in Service A but is the major maintenance inspection service for your Mercedes. The Mercedes B-Service will inspect your transmission, brakes and brake fluid, spark plugs, and more. This service is extremely important for your car and choosing the right certified Mercedes mechanic to do this is an even greater responsibility.

Do you need Mercedes parts or replacement parts? As a full service and certified Mercedes-Benz mechanic, we can handle major and minor service and repairs for newer model Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We offer free estimates and are happy to walk you through our findings during our initial inspection when you come to the shop.

Give the talented team at CK Auto Exclusive a call today and let us help you with all of your Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair needs.