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Summer-Proofing Your Mercedes-Benz

Summer driving is a national past-time in the United States. For many American's, Summer wouldn't be the same without a road-trip. Usually this means traveling with luggage and extra weight, while also traversing through harsh, stifling hot pavement, which can be tough on a vehicle when driven for long distances. Ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top shape for your Summer driving and road-trips will help getting from Point-A to Point-B without any vehicle problems. WHAT SHOULD MY SUMMER VEHICLE CHECK-LIST LOOK LIKE? Nothing can wreck Summer plans faster than car problems. The fact is, your vacation plans aren't the only potential casualties if you decide to neglect the benefits of summer-proofing your vehicle. If you're the do-it-yourself type, here are the basics to check on your vehicle before a Summer road-trip. Oil level Tire pressure Battery Air filter Hoses Belts Coolant Brake system While these are just the basics to check before your big trip, they are also the primary componen ... read more


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