What’s Up with the Mercedes AMG Puddle Lamp?

Making sure people see your Mercedes emblem has just jumped to a new level in the latest Mercedes AMGs with their new puddle lamps.

Some are different than others, but we're sure you know a few people who take pride in their car's emblem and how prominently shown it is. (Lookin' at you, Gary.)

Well, the latest from MotorAuthortity.com says that Mercedes-Benz offers a giant lighted star for the nose of its vehicles, so the ‘look-at-my-brand game' will be even louder. Mercedes-AMG is taking badging decals and lighting options a step further by refining its own puddle lamps.

According to MotorAuthority, the new Mercedes-AMG will have the option to outfit your car with LED Projector lamps placed on the lower part of each of the front doors. What does this mean?

Every time you open the door, the light porjects and image of the AMG logo onto the ground.

What's more? It looks 3D.

Just because this has been introduced to Mercedes-AMG owners, does not mean the optional logo light isn't available for all Mercedes-Benz models.

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