Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Mercedes-Benz

There are many different things that can affect the overall performance of your Mercedes-Benz, and many come from the area in which you live. Fires, rodents, and air-quality influences your car just as much as usage. As residents of the Santa Rosa area, we know all too well the type of impact climate and especially commutes have on our cars, so before taking your Mercedes-Benz on that summer road trip, here are a few things you should keep your eye on before you say bon voyage.

  1. The A/C. This may seem obvious, but the A/C is such a crucial part of your summer driving experience. A well-functioning heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system optimizes your MPG rating and will prevent costly repairs in the future.
  2. The Battery. You should always have your battery replaced by a certified Mercedes-Benz specialist. As a Mercedes-Benz owner, you know that your vehicle is packed with quite a few electrical accessories, and your Mercedes battery is the reason your alternator works, creating a charging system for the vehicle.
  3. As a Mercedes-Benz owner in Santa Rosa, you will want to ensure that you're purchasing the highest performance tires on the market. The tires on your Mercedes-Benz not only affect the performance, but the overall fuel-efficiency of your luxury vehicle.
  4. Oil Change. Or at least check it! Of course, you know that changing your oil is a necessity, but make, model, condition of the Mercedes and where it is consistently driven all take a toll on when to change the oil.
  5. Brakes and Suspension. One of the most important parts of your Mercedes-Benz is your brakes, and the suspension plays a huge role, too. Safety is the primary concern of any Mercedes-Benz specialists.

CK Auto Exclusive has been a family owned Mercedes-Benz repair center since 1977. As longtime lovers of the Mercedes brand, you can rest assured that your Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair is in great hands. Our master technician, Paul Duckworth, is considered as one of the most qualified technicians in the Santa Rosa area. If you are looking for quality service and repair in the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park areas, drop by CK Auto Exclusive today.


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