Santa Rosa Transmission Repair – Santa Rosa’s Premiere Mechanic

If you are looking for Santa Rosa transmission repair look no further than the experts at CK Auto Exclusive. Not only are we able to rebuild a variety of different transmissions on site, we will quickly and efficiently install them to get you back in your Mercedes and back on the road in no time. There is no job too big or too small that we won't tackle, and depending on the severity of the issue, expert mechanic Paul Duckworth is happy to hop in on the project.

What kind of Mercedes-Benz do you own? Is it manual? Automatic? CK Auto Exclusive has been working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Santa Rosa for more than thirty years. We can diagnose clutch issues, flywheel malfunctions, and will perform maintenance and repair on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, no matter the year.


  1. Has your Mercedes been going into ‘limp mode' frequently? If you have tried to troubleshoot the issue (shutting the car off, waiting for 30 sec. – 1 min., and restarting) and were able to remove your car from limp mode, there is probably an underlying issue in the vehicle. Your Mercedes-Benz transmission may begin to go into limp mode often, don't ignore the signs! She's trying to talk to you.
  1. Are you checking your fluid? This can really affect the way your car shifts. If your transmission fluid is consistently low and you are having to constantly refill/check the fluid, this may be an indicator of a Mercedes transmission failure. It is VERY important to purchase a mechanism to check this fluid, as many Mercedes-Benz vehicles do not come with a dipstick.
  1. CEL Codes: When your Mercedes-Benz goes into limp mode, what codes is it throwing? When a Mercedes goes limp it will store the failure codes in either the TCU or ECU (transmission control unit/engine control unit). Make sure to keep record of these when you have them read. The issue can be something minor, or major! Don't let something small that is easily fixed snowball into an expensive repair.
  1. Valve Body: Did your Mercedes throw a valve body code? The best bet is to replace it. Don't hesitate to ask us for our opinion, either! We value our customers and their business, priding ourselves on never selling repairs that are unwanted or unneeded.
  1. Failed Transmission: Rare, but It happens! Normally, if you have followed the last few steps above, we will be able to identify the issue with your transmission before we get to this point. Unfortunately, a failed transmission does happen every once in a while, but we can rebuild it! We will help point you in the right direction if this happens.

The service provided by the Santa Rosa Mercedes-Benz mechanics at CK Auto is unmatched by our competitors, that's why our customers keep coming back. We've even fixed problems the dealership couldn't fix! Contact the experts at CK Auto Exclusive today and let's diagnose your Mercedes-Benz.