Mercedes-Benz SRS Light

The SRS Light in your Mercedes-Benz is an acronym for “Supplement Restraint System.” So, what does this mean? Your SRS light coming on and staying on is indicating that there is an issue with your Mercedes-Benz airbags and components that are related to and part of the SRS system.

Are you seeing:

  1. The SRS system light is on and stays on?
  2. Restraint System Defect!
  3. Or, SRS Visit Workshop?

There is a way to reset the SRS using and OBD II scanner, but it is important to ensure that there are no real problems with the restraint system of your Mercedes-Benz. The main concern of the SRS light being on is not that the airbags in your Mercedes will spontaneously deploy, but that in the event of an accident that they do not deploy at all.

SRS Warning System checks the operations of several components in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, including Airbags, Child Occupancy sensor, belt force limiters, crash sensors, airbag control units, and emergency tensioning devices. These systems are automatically checked by your Mercedes-Benz computer when you turn the ignition, but, if any are experiencing issues or malfunctions, the SRS light will remain on. At this point, you should bring your car to us at CK Auto Exclusive.

If you are experiencing any of the SRS warning lights, bring your Mercedes-Benz to a staff that has been servicing Mercedes-Benz models for more than twenty years. With expert mechanics and master mechanics on staff, Santa Rosa's Mercedes-Benz repair shop has always been CK Auto Exclusive.

We are different, better, and guaranteed. We pride ourselves on never selling work that is unneeded, and will always consult with you before making any majors repairs we may find under the hood before performing them.

Contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at CK Auto Exclusive today and let us help diagnose your Mercedes-Benz SRS light issues.


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