Let's Talk About the Mercedes-Benz CLS

You guessed it, they came out with a new and improved version and we're pretty hyped about it.

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is a mid-size 4-door sedan (fastback), which was originally launched in 2005 and based on the W211 E-Class and was internally designated as the W219. The second generation CLS-Class was introduced in September 2010 and production started in the beginning of 2011. The CLS slots above the E-Class and below the S-Class.


The new CLS from Mercedes Benz aims to pioneer a new design articulation. Sharp lines and striking bodywork with a grille contour that widens towards the base and a forward-slanting front section, the new CLS is nothing like its older counterparts.


  • wide, low-set headlight
  • two-section taillamps
  • new inline six-cylinder engine
  • 48-volt tech
  • ISG
  • the new four-door now seats 5 people, for the first time in CLS history
  • On sale Fall in the U.S., 2018


In 2003, the CLS boasted the latest tech – combining the sporty, fast features of the coupe with the comfy safety of a sedan, the CLS is kind of the best of both worlds. So now, with the release of the 2019, we can't wait to see how Mercedes will make an awesome model, even better.

Intelligent Drive: Technology from the S-Class

The new CLS generation shares a ton of the same features as the new S-Class, “the automotive flagship of the entire industry”. The CLS will have the latest generation of driving assistance systems, route-based speed adaptation, and driver support provided by the Driver Assistance Package.

The range of driver assistance and safety systems features a modular design and Active Brake Assist, ATTENTION ASSIST and the occupant protection system PRE-SAFE®, which comes standard in new Mercedes-Benz models. Newly standard as well is PRE-SAFE® Sound, which will prepare passengers that are in the car for the anticipated accident noise when there is a risk of collision. How incredible is that?

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