Testing 'Intelligent World Drive' on 5 Continents

Mercedes-Benz is really making their mark in 2018 – but it's no surprise. Their innovative technology has been the driving force behind their brand for decades. We've been keeping up with the latest in self-driving Mercedes – and it looks like “Intelligent World Drive” will be tested on 5 continents.


The vehicle is similar to the S-Class and took flight at the International Motor Show (IAA) and will complete its tour in January 2018 at the CES in Vegas. The goal is to put the vehicle through a variety of different and complex driving scenarios. The road to autonomous driving is long, but Mercedes is nearing the finish line. From Germany, this Mercedes then had test drives in China, completed its tour in Australia in November, takes on South Africa December, and then right back to the states.

The purpose of the “Intelligent World Drive” is to collect information on what happens under real traffic conditions around the world, so that future automated and autonomous driving tech can be built to country-specific/user/traffic habits. Also, we're curious to see the analytics of different driving habits. We know California does it best, but – what about the Aussies?

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