What It Takes to Be a Mercedes Master Tech

Paul Duckworth has more than 30 years of experience working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles of all models. Most Mercedes owners in Santa Rosa, CA know to come to Paul for professional and timely service, but everyone may not know that Paul is a Mercedes Master Tech. A Master Tech, also known as a Master Certified Automotive Mechanic, is no ordinary car mechanic. A mechanic must go through rigorous testing and skill assessment before achieving the status of Mercedes Master Tech.

What are some of the requirements to become a Master Tech? 

  • Study at a certified school for multiple terms
  • Active work at a Mercedes plant
  • Hundreds of service hours
  • Disassembly instruction
  • Service/Maintenance instruction
  • Electrical instruction
  • Diagnostic strategies instruction
  • Telematics instruction
  • Brakes and traction instruction
  • Suspension instruction
  • Engine management systems instruction
  • Climate control instruction

 Which systems can a Mercedes Master Tech troubleshoot? 

  • Distronic Plus (Advanced cruise control system that uses radar)
  • PARKTRONIC® including Parking Guidance (Parallel parking assistance)
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist (Detects if you stray from your lane)
  • Blind Spot Assist (Notifies you when it is unsafe to switch lanes)

Mercedes Vehicle

The Mercedes SL 63, with twin turbo direct injection, has 91 computers on board all talking to each other. Can your auto mechanic troubleshoot all 91 computers? Paul Duckworth and his team can.

Many less experienced techs aspire to achieve Master Tech certification, because it shows customers commitment to a long-term goal. Master Techs don’t just achieve “textbook” knowledge; they also get tons of on-site training that allows them to finetune the most advanced machines on the road. Master Techs know exactly how the hearts of Mercedes vehicles beat.

You should be able to trust your vehicle to protect you and yours during an accident. Protect yourself and the people you love by taking your Mercedes-Benz to Paul Duckworth, Mercedes Master Tech, to ensure that your vehicle is safe, secure, and running in optimum condition. When it comes to Mercedes-Benz vehicles and technicians, accept the best or nothing.