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Transmissions. Your car needs one, you have to have regular maintenance on one, and when one fails it is catastrophic to your vehicle. At CK Auto Exclusive, we aim to take the nightmare out of a transmission rebuild for your Mercedes-Benz.

We always advocate regular maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz transmission to help prolong the life of your luxury vehicle. In general, if you keep the transmission properly lubricated you will have minimal problems. However, things can happen. A transmission failure is always a possibility, even though we will try our best to prevent it.

If you do happen to have your Mercedes-Benz transmission fail, let us take the burden off your hands. CK Auto is well-qualified to service your Mercedes transmission. CK Auto has been in Santa Rosa since 1977, so you can rest assured that our certified mechanics will treat both you and your vehicle with the respect you deserve.

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