What Type of Oil Are You Using?

Oil to your Mercedes is blood to the human body. It directly relates to the health of your vehicle – you wouldn't put terrible things into your veins just because it was cheaper, because you know intrinsically that you would be directly effected after a period of time. Of course this a well-known analogy, but it takes so much more than this for you to operate, of course, and the same goes for your Mercedes.

Blood carries nutrients to cells, but it's air that carries fuel—the “nutrition”—for an engine. However, without oil to lubricate and cool moving parts, keep them clean and help to seal the pistons in the cylinders, the engine would run for only a matter of seconds, then seize. So, keeping all parts under the hood are important, as what you choose to put into your body is important. Think about your Mercedes-Benz as an extension of yourself.


What about synthetic oil? Is it better than traditional oil and should I use synthetic oil in my Mercedes? The answers to these questions are… YES. Whole Foods, or, McDonald's?

Full synthetic oils are made for technologically advanced engines such as the engine in your Mercedes. These oils pass stringent special tests, ensuring they have superior, longer-lasting performance in all the critical areas, from viscosity index, to protection against deposits.

Synthetic oils move better at low temperatures and maintain peak lubricity at high temperatures. All Mercedes -Benz vehicles require the use of synthetic oil because they function at a higher level and offer better performance, and in turn need a more efficient oil.

As Mercedes-Benz experts, we have done our research on the best oils for the cars we so lovingly work on. We have a passion for the brand, so understand that your luxury Mercedes-Benz is in the right, capable hands.

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