Warning Signs That You Need to Service Your Mercedes

We all rely on our vehicles for a number of very important things in our day-to-day lives. Trust us when we say that regular Mercedes maintenance is the surest way to keep car headaches to minimum. Proper Mercedes-Benz maintenance ensures your monetary investment and it also increases the safety of the vehicle for you, your family, and other drivers.


There are a number of things that can signify that your vehicle isn't running optimally and is in need of servicing. Some of them are very obvious, like starting poorly, hesitations when accelerating, and generally not sounding normal. Other less obvious indicators can include loss in MPGs and loss in overall performance. If you notice any of these problems with your car, the truth is that you're probably long overdue for a service appointment with a professional.

Some people think that they can save money by skipping out on their regular vehicle maintenance appointments. While it's true that they won't spend money in the short term, disregarding car maintenance over the long term will always end up costing more money. Big repairs and replacements on key engine components like transmissions cost a lot of money. Over time, small problems can have a domino effect, eventually leading to the much more costly big problems.


Regular maintenance is always the right way to go if you want to keep your car running smoothly and keep its value higher for the duration of its life. In general, if your Mercedes was made before 1998, its oil should be changed at around 4,000 mile intervals. Every 15,000 miles it will need a tune-up service, and at 30,000 miles, it will need a more complex service. Regular maintenance is especially important for older cars, as their systems are generally more susceptible to wear and tear.

If your Mercedes was made in 1998 or later, its regularly scheduled maintenance is a little different. For oil changes, the newer models follow a flexible service system. This system allows for oil changes at around 8,000 miles depending on how you drive. Cars that travel longer distances regularly are more likely to be able to last a little longer. However, if you drive on short trips with a lot of stop-and-go, your mechanic may recommend a lower number for the interval.

Tune-ups for Mercedes made after 1998 come in either Service A or Service B. Service A is scheduled once every 10,000 miles or after one year—whichever comes first. Service A includes many different diagnostics to make sure your Mercedes is running optimally. Service B is scheduled once every 20,000 miles or after two years—again, whichever comes first. Service B is a more in-depth analysis of your Mercedes' systems to make sure there are no major problems with your vehicle.

These services are scheduled regularly to both make sure that your vehicle is safe and to ensure it is operating properly in order to avoid more costly services in the future.



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