Update Your Mercedes Maps

CK Auto Exclusive is proud to service Santa Rosa for a few reasons; one, we were born and raised here. Our kids live and go to school here. We are proud and active members of the community and are happy to lend a helping hand when it's needed. CK Auto Exclusive is so successful not because of our exceptional work ethic and workmanship (of course that helps), but because we love our city and the people in it. Especially those that share the same love of Mercedes that we do. That's why we like to share industry news, updates at the shop, and even updates about the site. Speaking of, stay tuned, we're getting a facelift.

Anywhoo, more about Mercedes Maps. So, For models year 2012 and newer vehicles, map updates for a majority of vehicles can only be purchased at your local, authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership. Now, although we aren't an authorized dealership, we are an authorized Mercedes dealership alternative. This is just a fancy way of saying that we have all the certifications, technology, and knowledge of Mercedes-Benz dealerships, but we aren't Mercedes. We just love the brand like we are.

Updating your Mercedes-Benz navigation system map is an essential part of maximizing the system's benefits and performance. The latest update includes new roads, points of interest (gas stations, restaurants, ATMs), addresses, and more. With the most efficient routes available, an up-to-date map can also help you save on fuel costs, and CK Auto Exclusive is happy to help you perform this important update, with no changes to your factory warranty.

As an authorized dealership alternative, bringing your Mercedes to CK Auto Exclusive in Santa Rosa will never void the factory warranty, and we're cheaper! What's to lose?


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