The Computer in Your Mercedes-Benz Isn’t Working, Now What?

It's not the end of the world, we promise. CK Auto Exclusive has been working with Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1977. Needless to say since then many things have changed in the design of the cars, including their technical abilities.

At CK Auto we pride ourselves in knowing that as the times change, we need to too. And that's exactly what we've done. To properly service today's vehicles it means that we must keep up with innovative technology while still sticking to our celebrated standards of service.

Our professional Mercedes-Benz technicians have been trained on and have access to the most advanced diagnostic computers available. Problems with your computer can cause airbag, transmission and brake lights to work improperly, as well as cause major safety issues while you're on the road. Do not let this go unchecked!

The onboard computer contains all the information about your Mercedes. As a luxury vehicle, the computer is one of the most important tools your car uses to define it as just that, luxury. Our team of technicians works exclusively with Mercedes vehicles, so you can feel confident that we know exactly what we're dealing with when we deal with your car.

If you have any technical issues, lights flashing, or any other questions regarding your Mercedes, call the trusted Santa Rosa Mercedes Technicians at CK Auto Exclusive.


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