Sprinter Van Maintenance Schedule Basics

Purchasing a new Mercedes Sprinter van is such an exciting step! Whether you are using it for commercial or recreational purposes, your new Mercedes Sprinter van is a vehicle that will be with you for the long – if you treat it right.

Mercedes Sprinter service intervals vary depending on the make and the model respectively, but as a general rule, maintenance should be performed (and recorded!) after 10,000 miles.

Changing your oil in your Mercedes Sprinter is incredibly important, as well as resetting your ASSYST engine component (after oil changes and fuel checks, this component reminds you when to bring your van to CK Auto Exclusive for another check-up).

If you have purchased your Mercedes Sprinter off the lot, Service A (Oil Change Plus) will not be due for 20,000 miles. The Mercedes-Benz manual suggests that you should change your oil every 20,000 miles, but we like to weigh on the safe side of things and suggest you should change it every 10,000 miles.

General rules of thumb:

  • Change your oil every 10K
  • Check your fluids (transmission, coolant, power steering, windshield washer fluid and brake) every week or when filling up on gas.
  • The first maintenance service for your Mercedes Sprinter (Service B) will be due after 40,000 miles.
  • Air filter should be replaced every 60,000 miles
  • Replace the fuel filter every 20,000 miles
  • Rotate Sprinter tires at least at every maintenance service

Contact the experienced and helpful staff at CK Auto Exclusive today to schedule a Sprinter maintenance and check-up.


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