Sprinter Fleet Service

Sprinter vans are incredibly versatile machines that offer a variety of different applications. Sprinter vans are most commonly turned into small, mini-homes on wheels, but these luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles are also well-known as team transport cars, food trucks, and we've even seen some mobile gyms!

Whether you are responsible for your company's fleet of Sprinter vans, or you just own one for the fun having a versatile vehicle, you should have your Sprinter serviced by a certified Mercedes technician to keep it running like the day you bought it.

Sprinter vans are powerful vehicles and need to be treated and maintained as such. Not keeping up with your Sprinter maintenance schedule will lead to costly repairs in the future. CK Auto Exclusive in Santa Rosa specializes in Sprinter van maintenance, repair, and service. Do not make the mistake of taking your Sprinter fleet or Sprinter van to a shop that is not properly trained in all aspects of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter service. Owning a European car is a wonderful experience, but you must trust who cares for it.

With Sprinter vans especially, there are many different moving parts, some very complex. The only major problems that truly arise with these vehicles is when they are not properly cared for and kept in working order. All repairs for Mercedes Sprinter vans should be made in a timely manner, and no check engine lights should go ignored!

Mercedes-Sprinter fleets are wonderful additions to a company image, but keeping them for the long haul is ensuring that your Sprinter is operating safely and as efficiently as possible. The main points that the CK Auto Exclusive team will service on your Sprinter van will be:

  • Active Service System (ASSYST)
  • Brakes, lights, and tires
  • Changing fluids and filters
  • Wipers and washer system
  • Shocks, steering, and suspension
  • Engine and transmission check

Of course, if we find any other issues under the hood of your Sprinter can we will notify you before moving forward with repair. At CK Auto Exclusive we pride ourselves on never selling work that is unneeded or performing repairs without telling you what is wrong. Surprising our clients with a hefty bill just isn't our style, and with more than 30 years of experience, we think our system really works.

If you oversee a Sprinter van fleet or are just a traveling nomad, bring your Mercedes Sprinter in today to CK Auto Exclusive and we will help you with all of your service and repair needs.


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