Santa Rosa Mercedes Repair You Can Afford

Mercedes-Benz service costs may be a hard number to pin down, but understanding your options before taking your car to the shop is important. At CK Auto Exclusive, Paul Duckworth and his team pride themselves on the work they perform as certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics, but on the principle that no work should be done or suggested if it is truly not needed. As a rule, you should expect to service your Mercedes-Benz every 10,000 miles or at once a year. Of course, this rule can vary based on the year and condition of your Mercedes-Benz. The make, model and engine type of your Mercedes-Benz will vary in maintenance needs and concerns, especially depending on the mileage and the driver's habits. Bringing your vehicle into CK Auto Exclusive will not void any manufacturer warranty. We service all areas of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and can assure you that whatever problem you may be having with your car, we will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose it. Are you in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, or Healdsburg areas? We have 20+ years under our belt servicing our customer's Mercedes models. We specialize in SL500 service, CLK service, S Class service, E Class service, and C Class Service, but no matter what year or model Mercedes you bring to us, we can help. No matter what kind of Mercedes repair or service you need to be performed on your car, trust the experts at CK Auto Exclusive in Santa Rosa to perform them. If you are looking to increase the performance in your Mercedes-Benz, have a factory scheduled Mercedes-Benz maintenance, or you're looking to prepare your new Sprinter Van for your summer road trip, contact the professional mechanics at CK Auto Exclusive today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle and will help you diagnose issues with Mercedes, provide you a free estimate, and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are constantly evolving and you need a mechanic that has seen it all – and done it all. As a Mercedes service specialist in Santa Rosa for decades, Paul Duckworth and his team of talented professionals take great pride in their work and customer relationships. Trust this team to take the same great care of your vehicle as they would their very own. CK Auto Exclusive truly is your dealership alternative, and when other Mercedes mechanics have an issue that they can't resolve, Paul is the one they call. CK Auto offers Mercedes extended service warranties for our customers' vehicles. We want to be your first choice for repairs and maintenance for as long as your Mercedes-Benz lasts—and even beyond that! We are passionate about treating our customers the right way the first time. As a certified Santa Rosa Mercedes Benz specialist, CK Auto delivers the best quality workmanship in Santa Rosa. We've been servicing every type of Mercedes-Benz vehicle imaginable since 1977. We specialize in service and repair of newer Mercedes-Benz models and we have the diagnostic computers to do so. Our professional technicians can determine the cause of any problem your Mercedes vehicle has. Contact CK Auto Exclusive today and let us help you with your all of your Mercedes-Benz repairs, we're here for you.


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