Rosa Mercedes Repair

Mercedes-Benz is an interesting brand with a dedicated following. As a car maker that has been manufacturing some of the best cars in the world for decades, many for higher-end clients and VIP cases (such as the Pope's oxygen system and bulletproof custom-made Mercedes), the intricate design and manufacture of a Mercedes-Benz will take a skilled mechanic to repair, one that possesses the same passion for the brand that Mercedes-Benz itself has.

Paul Duckworth, master Mercedes mechanic at CK-Auto Exclusive, has been working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles for more than thirty years. As a company, CK Auto Exclusive has dedicated their time and talent to learn everything about the iconic car, and as the Mercedes-Benz star symbolizes air, land, and sea, the CK Auto Exclusive team symbolizes true knowledge of the Mercedes-Benz brand and its complex inner workings.


Rosa Mercedes repair just got a bit more involved and it's because of the expert staff at CK Auto Exclusive. As Mercedes-Benz takes the production process very seriously, so does Paul Duckworth and his team of mechanics when beginning the practice of diagnosing each individual Mercedes vehicle.

Did you know that when a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is in pre-production that one inspector is assigned to each team of 11 workers per vehicle? Rigorous testing and inspections are performed on these luxury cars before hitting the public eye and great care is taken in ensuring that all moving parts stay where they need to be. But, as with any vehicle no matter the care taken of it, regular maintenance and repair will need to be performed.

Because we are Mercedes experts, you can rest assured that bringing your car into CK Auto is the best alternative to bringing your Mercedes to a dealership. When other Mercedes mechanics have an issue that they can't resolve, local Mercedes dealerships included, Paul is the one they call. A trip to CK Auto Exclusive will not void any Mercedes factory warranties and we are able to perform just about any service and repair your car may possibly need.

Although CK Auto Exclusive focuses mainly on newer model Mercedes vehicles, we're confident in our ability to repair your Mercedes back to its original glory with no surprise charges or fees.

If you're looking for Rosa Mercedes repair reach out to us at CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa today for a free estimate. Let's get you and your Mercedes back on the road where you belong.


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