Replace Brakes in your Mercedes-Benz

With the winter months fast approaching your brakes might very well be the most important tool for your safety this season. Regular maintenance aside, the brakes in your Mercedes-Benz must be checked every 30K or so, but this also depends on your driving style.

As most drivers know regular wear and tear is expected, but this heavily relies on your environment and the hardness of your brake pads. Stop-and-go traffic, city commutes, and braking patterns affect how long your brakes will last. Do you coast to a stop? Or do you tailgate until you see the brilliant red of the car in front of you?

CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa offers service for both Mercedes-Benz brakes and suspension, using only the best Mercedes parts available when making repairs. This assures that the original breaking capabilities and suspension of your Mercedes is maintained. Our staff prides themselves in luxury auto repair delivering the very best artistry to the craft. Mercedes-Benz owners can expect all-inclusive brake repair from system function checks and hoses to calipers and drums.

Don't wait until it's too late, give your Mercedes the love it deserves from true professionals at CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa.


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