Protecting your Mercedes Paint During the Winter

It is important during the winter months to not only take care of your Mercedes' engine but also pay attention to the outside of your vehicle. Water, dirt, snow and salt can all ruin your vehicle's paint job. Spending some time winterizing the outside of your Mercedes can protect its beauty during extreme winter weather. Below are some tips to protect your paint job this winter.

As your Santa Rosa Mercedes repair experts, we recommend applying a polymer wax to your car for added protection. The wax will serve as a shield against road salt and grime as well as snow and rain. This protective layer can be compared to gloves for your hands; it will keep your Mercedes protected and the grime directly of off your vehicle's exterior.

In between storms, use a high pressure sprayer to rinse away grit, film and dirt, especially on the wheels, wheel wells and undercarriage of your Mercedes. High pressure spray loosens and removes road dirt and grime and reduces the risk of damage in hard to reach places.

Finally, if you are in a snowy area and it has accumulated on your Mercedes, use a soft brush to gently wipe it off of your vehicle. Using hard plastic scrapers to remove snow can damage a vehicle's paint job and should only be used to remove ice from a windshield. Keep your paint looking new by using a brush instead.

At CK Auto we care about your Mercedes inside and out. When your Mercedes needs professional attention, give it the attention it deserves by contacting CK Auto Exclusive today.


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