New Model Mercedes-Benz Experts

Mercedes-Benz owners have looked to CK Auto Exclusive for their Mercedes-Benz needs since 1977. As a dedicated Mercedes-Benz mechanic in Santa Rosa we have been responsible for providing excellent Mercedes-Benz service and repair for decades.

Paul Duckworth is considered the Rhonert Park and Santa Rosa area's most qualified Mercedes technician. Where many dealerships fall short with service and repair needs, Paul has taken on projects that dealerships and mechanics alike could not resolve.

How do we do this? CK Auto Exclusive is equipped with the latestcomputerized diagnostics, can service all models and years of Mercedes-Benz, and with a team of both master and certified mechanics, our passion for the Mercedes-Benz brand goes further than helping our customers with their repairs and maintenance. We will never sell work that is not needed and offer free estimates to all of our customers.

Bringing your vehicle in to CK Auto Exclusive will not void any manufacturer warranty. We service all areas of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and can assure you that what ever problem you may be having with your car, we will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose it. Are you in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, or Healdsburg areas? We have 20+ years under our belt servicing our customer's Mercedes models. We specialize in SL500 service, CLK service, S Class service, E Class service, and C Class Service, but no matter what year or model Mercedes you bring to us, we can help.

Since we've opened, our mechanics have provided outstanding service to the residents of Sonoma County and there's no end in sight. We strive to uphold Mercedes' motto, “The Best or Nothing,” and have dedicated our shop to that standard. We support local and our community is just as important to us as the work we do for the shop.

If you are looking to increase the performance in your Mercedes-Benz, have a factory scheduled Mercedes-Benz maintenance, or you're looking to prepare your new Sprinter Van for your summer road trip, contact the professional mechanics at CK Auto Exclusive today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle and will help you diagnose issues with Mercedes, provide you a free estimate, and get you back on the road as soon as possible.