Mercedes Transmission Services Made Easy

As a trusted Mercedes service and repair shop in Santa Rosa, bringing your Mercedes into us for regular maintenance is your best choice in keeping your vehicle running as it did when you first bought it.

Our lead mechanic Paul Duckworth has more than thirty-five years of Mercedes repair experience alone, add a team of dedicated Mercedes service mechanics that have been working for Paul for years, and you a have recipe for great service and a new longstanding partnership.

Mercedes transmissions can be tricky – but our team specializes in the latest technology to help us determine the true problem with your Mercedes, fixing it the first time and the right way, every time.

Hints that your Mercedes transmission may be on its way out:

  • Does your transmission ‘jerk' or ‘slip' in between your shifts?
  • Will your transmission switch into higher gear? Or does it do so slowly, or reluctantly?
  • Let's imagine you've just gotten into your Mercedes and you're trying to back out of your parking space, does it delay when shifting out of park? (It should take no longer than 1 second for your car to engage in reverse.)
  • When changing your oil, do you find fine, metallic particles in the bottom of your oil pan? (Check your transmission fluid at this point!)
  • If your transmission fluid has a ‘burnt' smell to it, or is exceptionally dark… you may need a new transmission!

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your Mercedes-Benz, please do not hesitate and bring your Mercedes to the trusted repair team at CK Auto Exclusive before it turns into a larger issue!


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