Mercedes Transmission Issues in Santa Rosa

Having Mercedes transmission issues in Santa Rosa? Don't hesitate, or wait until it's too late! Bring your Mercedes-Benz to CK Auto Exclusive in Santa Rosa to have your vehicle looked at by certified Mercedes mechanics. CK Auto offers Mercedes repair and Mercedes maintenance at a fraction of the cost of the dealership. As a certified Mercedes mechanic, bring your Merc to our shop will not void any Mercedes factory warranty, guaranteed.

Mercedes transmission issues can obviously range. One of the most common issues we see is customers whose Mercedes is stuck in Limp Mode. More often than not, this issue is usually not as bad as it may seem. There are a select few Mercedes models that come equipped with an engine control that limits the power to your car to prevent damage to the engine when something goes wrong, a.k.a., limp mode. Limp mode allows you to continue driving the car at a reduced power and speed to get home, instead of breaking down on the side of the road.

If your Mercedes has switched on to limp mode, don't panic just yet. Pull over to the side of the ride, remove the key from the ignition, let the car rest for a few minutes, and try restarting it. Is it still limp mode? Limp home mode comes on when your Mercedes engine isn't running properly and the onboard computer senses there is a risk of further damage.

Are you noticing problems with the transmission neutral safety switch? Your onboard computer module could have corroded contacts, there may be a damaged break light sensor, EGR and exhaust fuel issues, electronic throttle actuator problems, or a faulty mass air sensor (MAS).

After turning your car on and off, while this may get your Mercedes out of Limp Mode, you still have some underlying issues to address. Your car didn't go limp for nothin'! Don't wait until it's too late. Bring your Mercedes to a trusted and certified Mercedes-Benz mechanic like the team at CK Auto Exclusive if you are experiencing transmission issues.