Mercedes Star Diagnostic Systems

Don't be unsure about what you are dealing with under the hood of your Mercedes-Benz, it's time to call the experts. The talented team at CK Auto Exclusive has been working with the Mercedes-Benz brand for decades, so you will leave confident that no matter the issue, CK Auto Exclusive Mercedes-Benz repair Santa Rosa is the best dealership alternative in the area.

There's a reason CK Auto Exclusive has specialized in Mercedes-Benz cars and not any other luxury vehicle for the last three decades. It's no secret that Mercedes is a reliable brand, but why have we chosen to put our time and effort into this brand and this brand alone? From Mercedes' inception, this luxury car company has lived and breathed by the motto, “The Best or Nothing.” When other Mercedes mechanics have an issue that they can't resolve, Paul is the one they call. CK Auto Exclusive is your Mercedes Benz Expert, and our Mercedes diagnostic tools make us a step ahead of the competition, and the dealership.


Because of our passion for the brand, we are consistently staying up to date with the latest in Mercedes-Benz diagnostic testing. CK Auto's Mercedes-Benz computer is called the XENTRY Diagnosis System – Kit 3. It is the latest and newest version of the SDS Star Diagnostic System. It is exclusive to Mercedes-Benz, and CK Auto Exclusive is the only Mercedes Benz shop in Santa Rosa that has one. The aftermarket scanners only do a fraction of the diagnosing and none of the coding for new electronic parts.

In order to use the Star Diagnostic System with Xentry for Mercedes-Benz diagnostic scanner properly, you need to learn how to use the Xentry software. While reading and clearing fault codes is not very difficult, anything besides that requires that you have proper training. Our team of Mercedes-Benz experts have trained and successfully diagnosed hundreds of Mercedes-Benz diagnostic issues. We are trained SDS Star Diagnostic System professionals dedicated to resolving technical and electric issues with your Mercedes-Benz.