Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Plans – Service A and B

Each and every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is unique. Depending on the class of Mercedes-Benz you own, your maintenance schedule will vary to ensure that your luxury vehicle will perform the same way it did when you first drove it off the lot.

Before choosing a Mercedes maintenance plan you should refer to your vehicle's manual to guarantee that your Mercedes-Benz is getting the special love it needs specific to its model. At CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa, we will guide you through the different plans and help you to understand what your Mercedes-Benz needs to stay healthy. We pride ourselves on integrity when recommending service for your Mercedes, as well as free estimates.

Required services for Mercedes-Benz vehicles vary between ‘Service A' and ‘Service B.' Service A maintenance plans are also referred to as ‘Flex A' or ‘Schedule A.' This is the same for Service B (Flex B or Schedule B) when referring to different types of repairs and preservations.

CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa will help you determine which scheduled maintenance your Mercedes-Benz needs and will determine any other repairs that may need to be done while under the hood.

The Service A maintenance schedule is usually performed after about 10,000 miles or after one year of owning your Mercedes-Benz. The Service B maintenance schedule is performed after 20,000 miles or two years of ownership. Both Service A and B scheduled maintenances are determined by the Flex Service System in the vehicle itself.

For a free estimate to determine maintenance schedules and repairs, contact CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa today.


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