Mercedes-Benz Diagnostics: We're Better Than the Dealership

At CK Auto Exclusive we perform ALL Factory Scheduled Maintenance that is required by your Mercedes-Benz manual and we're happy to be a truly exceptional choice as your dealership alternative. As a trusted Mercedes-Benz repair shop and mechanic in Santa Rosa for many, many years, we have created strong bonds with our community and its residents. Our professional technicians can determine the cause of any problem your Mercedes vehicle has, from the airbags to the brakes to the transmission. Information about your car's performance and efficiency is stored in the onboard computer. Our technicians then access this information and use it to help you keep your vehicle in prime condition. Our professional technicians have access to the most advanced diagnostic computers available. We can determine the cause of any problem your Mercedes vehicle has, from the airbags to the brakes to the transmission. Mercedes Service in Santa Rosa does not have to cost a fortune, the experts at CK Auto Exclusive take pride in offering exceptional service for a reasonable price.

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There's a reason CK Auto Exclusive has specialized in Mercedes-Benz cars and not any other luxury vehicle for the last three decades. It's no secret that Mercedes is a reliable brand, but why have we chosen to put our time and effort into this brand and this brand alone? From Mercedes' inception, this luxury car company has lived and breathed by the motto, “The Best or Nothing.” CK Auto Exclusive has worked with multiple generations of Mercedes vehicles, specializing in newer models. At our shop, we pride ourselves in using the latest diagnostic technologies to make sure your Mercedes-Benz is running at its fullest potential, as it was meant to run. CK Auto Exclusive has been servicing the vehicles of Santa Rosa since 1977. There have been a lot of changes in the industry in that time, including tons of technological advancement. CK Auto has changed a lot in that time too, keeping up with the newest tech. At CK Auto Exclusive, we are passionate about Mercedes-Benz vehicles and helping our customers with their repairs, maintenance, and service. CK Auto's Mercedes-Benz latest diagnostic computer is called the XENTRY Diagnosis System – Kit 3. It is the newest and most advanced version of the SDS Star Diagnostic System. It is exclusive to Mercedes-Benz, and CK Auto Exclusive is the only Mercedes Benz shop in Santa Rosa that has one. The aftermarket scanners only do a fraction of the diagnosing and none of the coding for new electronic parts. We are Santa Rosa's dealership alternative not just because of our fine technology, but our dedication to our clients. Contact CK Auto Exclusive today and let us help you diagnose the issues with your vehicle.


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