Independent Mercedes Benz Service Center

We at CK Auto Exclusive have been experts at Mercedes service and Mercedes maintenance since 1977. Our independent Mercedes Benz service center offers a few things that the dealerships cannot. Because Mercedes Benz vehicles offer such luxury and performance, it's fair for Benz owners to only seek the best for their vehicles. In this article we discuss the advantages to trusting your Benz to an indie shop versus a dealership service center.


One of the biggest advantages to taking your Benz into an independent service center is that you get access to the knowledge and expertise of our master tech, Paul Duckworth. In addition to Paul's hundreds of service hours, advanced diagnostic strategies and disassembly instruction, he and his team can also troubleshoot the complex computer systems in your vehicle.

Like many large organizations, Mercedes Benz dealerships cannot offer the same level of customer service offered by CK Auto. Due to the volume of customers serviced at dealerships, technicians and mechanics are pressed to turn cars out of the service center as soon as possible.

At CK Auto, we take the time to get to know our customers and their vehicles. The simple truth is that the exact Benz services and maintenance each car needs is based on how the car is driven. If you drive your car in bumper to bumper traffic for several hours every day, the service and maintenance needed for your vehicle will be different than that of the driver who uses his or her Benz primarily for long distance travel.

You aren't just a number at CK Auto. We treat you and your car with respect and care.


Yes, we offer the same or more services when compared to the service centers at dealerships. Following is just a short list of the many services we offer to Santa Rosa Benz owners.

You don't just get better rates at CK Auto Exclusive. You also get access to our master tech and access to personalized service and maintenance schedules for your Santa Rosa Mercedes. Give us a call to schedule your next appointment!


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