Increase your Mercedes-Benz Performance


Here at CK Auto Exclusive we're not just trusted by the Santa Rosa community as Mercedes-Benz mechanics, but Mercedes-Benz dealerships have trusted us to perform maintenance and diagnostics on many newer model Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well.

CK Auto Exclusive has been a staple in the Santa Rosa area for Mercedes-Benz service and repair since 1977. Our roots are here, our friends are here and our family is here. The decades of work and dedication we have put towards our passion for performance tuning of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is well-known by our community and we take pride in our craft.

Increasing the performance of your Mercedes should always be the goal and at CK Auto Exclusive we strive to better your vehicle as soon as you bring it in.

Mercedes-Benz performance tuning is the improvement of your Mercedes-Benz' system performance. This is typically done through updating and mending the numerous computer systems within your Mercedes-Benz. Our capable team of mechanics at CK Auto Exclusive have the latest technologies in Mercedes diagnostic testing giving us the edge over the competition and giving you the opportunity to reprogram your Mercedes-Benz to easily achieve its highest potential.

CK Auto Exclusive is not your typical Mercedes shop, we know what it takes to get the ultimate performance from your vehicle. The key to Mercedes performance tuning is using small upgrades that don't kill your bank account and our team of expert mechanics know just how to meet your needs and your specific price range.

Want to get started on your performance tuning? We have some suggestions ranging from simple to extreme to increase the performance of your Mercedes as well as work within your budget.


  • Adjust the ECU unit (quick fix, no additions and controls the performance of your vehicle. Lift the actuator controls and you'll increase your speed.)
  • After-market parts such as exhausts, shocks and turbo packages are great additions, as they are more purpose built than their stock counterparts
  • New, seasonal tires. Treat your girl right!

We love talking about Mercedes-Benz vehicles and we're happy to answer any performance-related questions you may have. We are confident that we can increase the performance of your Mercedes-Benz, just let us know what you're looking for! Bring your vehicle to CK Auto Exclusive for a free estimate.


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