I Bought a New Mercedes, Now What?

New vehicles are shiny, smell nice and most importantly, will last you a long time, right? Your vehicle's reliability is dependent on a few factors like your driving habits or how well it is taken care of. Respecting and being diligent with your new Mercedes-Benz's service intervals will only increase the likelihood of a long and healthy life. However, a common mistake new Mercedes' owners make is believing you have to take your new car back to the dealer for service to avoid voiding the warranty. Often, your local independent Mercedes-Benz specialist like CK Auto Exclusive has more experience, the latest diagnostic equipment, access to OEM parts and offer a better price.


When you hear the terms, “Mercedes Service A,” or “Mercedes Service B,” it refers to the service intervals for your new Mercedes Benz. Service A maintenance is recommended at either one year after purchase or 10,000 miles after purchase. Service B maintenance is recommended at either the two year mark or at 20,000 miles after initial purchase. These services generally include oil and filter changes, inspections on crucial components like belts, brakes, hoses, fluid levels, tires and tune-ups. To see a full detailed outline of what each service includes, read our article, “Mercedes Service A vs. Mercedes Service B.” These set of maintenance plans are designed to keep your Mercedes-Benz in top shape and help it live its best and longest life as possible.


Here at CK Auto Exclusive, we provide both Mercedes Benz Service A and Service B, and consistently beat the dealership on not only price, but also quality. We operate with the motive to have customers for life and treat you with the honesty and respect you deserve. Some dealers like to make it seem that you cannot take your Mercedes-Benz anywhere else for service for reasons such as:

  • Dealerships use proprietary oil and fluids that they exclusively have
  • Independent shops do not have the technology or diagnostic tools needed
  • Independent technicians are not as well trained
  • Access to factory or OEM parts

These claims are completely false. With over 30 years of experience working on Mercedes-Benz we have access to anything your Mercedes-Benz requires and in fact, our specialty is service and repair of newer models of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks and we have the diagnostic tools to do so. Give us a call to set up a maintenance plan or feel free to bring your Mercedes-Benz in for a FREE estimate or second opinion and we will personally go through any problem areas with you right next to us that the dealership or other shop claims you have. Come see why our expert knowledge, professionalism and honesty keep our customers coming back.


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