Emission-Free Driving from Mercedes

FOR 2018,

the new, emission-free smart car from Mercedes-Benz has really got the shop talking. The smart electric drive is standard-equipped with a Rearview Camera and Smartphone Voice recognition features.

What's more? Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new paint color, Autumn Brown Metallic, and it will be available with a Sport Package option with 16-inch 8-Y-spoke wheels in black is now optionally available.

The 2018 smart electric offers precision and emission-free driving in both coupe and cabrio configurations.

The smart Media-System quickly displays the vehicle's charge level and energy flow as soon as the door is opened – and can easily be customized with over 1,500 combinations of wheels, fabrics, and colors, including the all-new electric green. (see left)

On top of the basic transmission mode, the driver can select ECO mode.


  • The maximum speed is limited
  • The accelerator pedal is curve adjusted
  • The maximum recuperation level is pre-selected
  • In overrun mode or when braking, the vehicle's kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, known as, ‘recuperation.
  • To save energy and extend driving range, the smart electric drive features standard pre-conditioning (which creates a pre-entry climate control and enables the desired temperature to be reached in the interior while the vehicle is still charging at a socket).


Charging time is important for electric vehicle customers (obviously), so the new smart electric drive has a new, powerful onboard charger as a standard feature.

An 80 hp electric motor is situated at the rear of the smart electric drive and transmits its power via a constant ratio to the wheels.


  • The torque of 118 lb-ft is immediately available from a standstill (a 23% increase over the 96 lb-ft offered by the previous generation smart ED).
  • The electric drive has a range of approximately 70-80 miles.
  • The maximum speed is electronically limited to 81 mph to maximize the range.
  • *U.S. range and overall electric motor specifications will be announced at the time of launch.

Why are we so excited about this? We can't wait to work on them. CK Auto Exclusive has some big news coming down the pipe that will help us meet our customer's repair needs even more. Stay tuned!

View continued list of specs, here.