Diagnose My Mercedes Benz

A Mercedes Benz represents style, luxury, and like all vehicles, freedom. Your freedom however is cut short when your Mercedes has issues. All automobiles experience problems like the check engine light illuminating, a dead battery refusing to start your vehicle, engine sputtering, or maybe your brakes are starting to go. This disrupts your weekend plans, or even worse, it causes an inconvenience in your daily commute to work. While Mercedes Benz vehicles are elite and innovative machines, problems will surface, and it is helpful to understand what might be wrong. Ck Auto Exclusive is an independent Mercedes-Benz service and repair center with over 30 years of experience working on these vehicles. Let us first help you understand common issues that most vehicles experience and when you are ready, bring your Mercedes Benz into our shop for reliable and honest service.


Your Mercedes Benz generally does a good job in letting you know when there is something wrong. Your dash will illuminate warning lights such as “check engine” or maybe a less obvious icon that displays when you have low tire pressure. Nowadays, your Mercedes' computer obtains information from various sensors in the vehicle to make sure it is running efficiently (achieving better mileage while maintaining performance) and is what detects problems so it can translate that to you in the form of a warning light. Below is a list of a few common issues:

  • Sputtering engine: your engine runs best when air and fuel properly mix. There is a series of fuel and ignition system components that go into this process. This sputtering is a form of an engine misfire and can be noticeable if you feel your engine shaking, especially when accelerating or decelerating.
  • Fuel economy decreasing: there are several fuel system parts like fuel filters, air filters, mass air flow sensors and O2 sensors that eventually will become dirty and need replacement. Maintaining these parts are important to avoid your Mercedes from consuming more fuel than usual.
  • Dead battery: depending on the type of battery and the environment you live in, car batteries can last around 2 to 5 years. Eventually your battery will lose its ability to maintain a charge caused by a natural reduction in electrical currents. Unfortunately, in this situation your car may refuse to start.
  • Grinding or squeaking brakes: it is inevitable, your brakes will eventually go out. Some common signs are squealing, squeaking or a soft brake pedal. Once it begins grinding, you are overdue for a replacement.
  • Failing alternator: the alternator in your Mercedes Benz keep all electrical systems running once the car starts and supply's a charge to your battery. If the alternator goes, your battery will wear out prematurely and can prevent your car from starting.

Preventing these issues or an early detection that something is wrong is the best solution. Your Mercedes Benz specialist will take it from there to make the necessary repairs. Preventative measures like taking your vehicle in for maintenance is the first step in keeping your Mercedes Benz running at its best.


CK Auto Exclusive has been located in Santa Rosa since 1977. Our factory trained master technician utilizes the latest in computerized diagnostic tools to service and repair the latest Mercedes Benz models. We will never sell work that is not needed, and we give free estimates to all of our customers. Running into problems with your vehicle is a headache. Let us help you maintain and service whatever Mercedes Benz you own so we can help you avoid disrupting your plans or workflow. Check out our services page and give us a call


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