Common Sprinter Modifications

Mercedes Sprinter Vans are an entirely new mode of luxury transportation. The beauty of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van is that they can be tailored to fit the needs of the owner, no matter what they may be.

From long road trips, luxury limousines, athletic transport vehicles or for some, even mobile kitchens, the possibilities are endless with a Mercedes Sprinter. As far as modifications go, there are many to choose from, but before moving forward with customization it's important to get your new sprinter van inspected by a certified Mercedes mechanic before taking it on the road.

In our last post, ‘ Prepare Your Sprinter Van for the Summer,' we touched on some maintenance issues that could arise before, during and after extended use of your new adventuremobile. This is just a friendly reminder to make sure all your ducks are in a row before taking your new mobile home on long outings. New model Sprinter Vans are built with luxury and safety in mind. That's why the Mercedes Sprinter Van is such a successful model, and CK Auto Exclusive has serviced and repaired a variety of different years and models of Mercedes Sprinters within the last few years.

Depending on the size, the haul and the preferred sight lines of your new Sprinter, different issues and maintenance will need to be assessed.


There are a few questions you should ask yourself before committing to converting your new Mercedes Sprinter. It's a fun adventure, but it does take some time!

Will you only be using your Mercedes Sprinter for weekend trips? Do you need a shower? A kitchen? A bed? What floor plan have you chosen? Will your van be taken through bumpy roads? It's very important to take exact measurements and ensure you are converting your Sprinter van to the right specifications for its intended use.

  1. Long road trips/cross countrytrips.
  2. A food truck.
  3. Off-road/mountain adventuring.
  4. Luxury transport vehicle.
  5. Mobile office.

The possibilities are endless with a Mercedes Sprinter and these are just a few examples of what you can convert this luxury van into. Get creative! What do you want your Mercedes Sprinter to accomplish?

The expert staff at CK Auto Exclusive can help get your Mercedes Sprinter van road-ready in no time, no matter what the conversion. We will help you determine which suspensions you may need, will inquire about your intended haul, and inspect your new Sprinter from top to bottom to ensure it is operating at the fullest potential.

Contact CK Auto Exclusive today for a free estimate and let's get your summer started.


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