CK Auto Celebrates Santa Rosa’s Sesquicentennial

Santa Rosa became an incorporated city in 1868 and 2018 marks its 150-year anniversary. To celebrate the sesquicentennial for our beautiful home, the city is throwing a big party in Courthouse Square on Saturday September 8th between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. The celebration will include live music, burying of the new time capsule, food vendors, historical displays, and more.

Did you know that CK Auto Exclusive has been serving the Mercedes Benz Santa Rosa community since 1977? Santa Rosa celebrated its 109th birthday when we first opened our independent Mercedes Benz repair shop. A lot has changed since 1977, but one thing has remained the same, our commitment to our community.


Mercedes tune-upOur country has had California in our thoughts during the summer months of 2018 given all the rampant wildfires causing damage, grief, and turmoil. The Mendocino Complex Fire, Holy Fire, Carr Fire, and more have devasted California residents. We in Santa Rosa remember the ruin caused by the series of 250 wildfires that plagued Sonoma County and California during October of 2017.

In addition to repairing damage to homes, businesses, and public institutions, Sonoma County residents also had to deal with repairing their vehicles. When people began putting their lives back together, we at CK Auto were there to assess and repair damage to Santa Rosa Mercedes vehicles caused by heat, smoke, and ash.

Our Mercedes master tech, Paul Duckworth, and his team of skilled mechanics diligently repaired MB cars during the reconstruction period after the fires. Some vehicle areas we closely examined were our customers' tires, heating and air conditioning systems, computer systems, vehicle exteriors, and more.


Whether your Mercedes has been directly affected by 2018's brutal fire season or you're just looking to ensure that the vehicle is in tip-top condition before you head out to the sesquicentennial celebration, CK Auto is here to help.

Did you know that CK Auto offers the following services for all Mercedes models and always at affordable prices?

Life has a tendency to get rough at inopportune times. Whether you're dealing with a natural disaster, divorce, or just a tricky car problem, we feel for you and we'll do what we can to help. Remember that trustworthy transportation during any difficult life event can go a long way. Let us help keep your vehicle running smooth, so you can better weather any adversity that life throws at you. Contact us today.


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