CK Auto: Your Santa Rosa Mercedes Parts Center

One of the factors that influences your vehicle maintenance and repair services is the availability of the requisite parts. Paul Duckworth and his team at CK Auto Exclusive in Santa Rosa stock many Mercedes-Benz parts inhouse to keep customer costs low. Consider CK Auto Exclusive your go-to Mercedes parts center for the Santa Rosa, CA area.


Some automotive parts require replacement at fixed intervals like sparks plugs, oil filters, and brake pads. The Mercedes Service A and Mercedes Service B maintenance schedules examine these fixed-life parts, and it's possible that replacement will be required multiple times during ownership of your vehicle. These part replacements are a normal part of Santa Rosa Mercedes vehicle ownership. Due to the estimated need to replace these fixed-life parts, we at CK Auto Exclusive keep a robust stock inhouse to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. Our ability to quickly replace parts in your vehicle keeps your costs down.

Not every automotive part requires such regular replacement. Your transmission, for example, requires regular examination but may not require any action or part replacement for long periods of time. When a piece of your transmission does require repair or replacement, the speed of access to the necessary part will influence the cost of the service. CK Auto is your number one Santa Rosa Mercedes parts center for these less frequently replaced parts. If we don't have your part inhouse, we can overnight it in many cases.


Automotive part manufacturers construct parts of various qualities and sell them at various costs. Automotive makers manufacture a variety of auto parts themselves. Mercedes-Benz has a manufacturing facility for auto parts along with every other major auto manufacturer. Off brand manufacturing facilities also produce auto parts compatible with your Santa Rosa Mercedes, but these off brand parts are often of lower quality. Throwing cheap parts into your vehicle is a surefire way to decrease performance and longevity.

The professionals at CK Auto Exclusive only use Mercedes-Benz parts to ensure that your vehicle has the best chance for optimal performance and longevity. We are the Santa Rosa Mercedes parts center with everything you need to keep your luxury vehicle running like a dream.

Regardless of what auto part your vehicle needs, we'll get you the best part and install it at a reasonable price. We always treat your vehicle like it's our own. Contact us today!


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