Check Engine Light Mercedes: Tips on Urgency

Mercedes Benz produces excellent luxury and performance vehicles. That's why we at CK Auto Exclusive only work on these precision driving machines. With scheduledMercedes maintenance, Santa Rosa Benz owners are unlikely to see many problems pop up with their vehicles. As effective as a Mercedes master tech can be, such as our own Paul Duckworth, some car issues are just plain unavoidable. In this article we'll discuss the urgency of your check engine light Mercedes issue.


We know it can be disconcerting and even scary when your check engine light comes on. Multiply this anxiety by a million if you are driving through an unfamiliar location or you need to be somewhere on a fixed timeline. Don't panic! CK Auto Exclusive is here to help you assess the urgency of your car problem.

When that dreaded light comes on, continue driving for just a minute or so and begin asking yourself, “How is my car behaving?”

Is your car making any funny noises?

Is your car emitting any smoke, fumes, or odors, either inside or out?

Is your car handling poorly?

Is your car shifting in any unusual ways?

Is your car steering properly?

Is your car rumbling, bumping, or feeling any different?

If you answer no to all of these questions, the vehicle-issue your check engine light is attempting to identify may not be urgent. Should you answer yes to any of these questions, calmly pull over and call CK Auto at 707-526-3204. Describe to us the unusual behavior your car is producing, and we can advise you if you're clear to drive home or if you need to get your car towed to us.

Remember that the onboard computer in your Santa Rosa Mercedes will register a clear error code when your check engine light comes on. Even if you're able to ascertain what the code is, interpreting that code should be left to a Mercedes master tech. One particular car symptom, as registered through an error code, may only be one piece of the puzzle. Our crew solves Mercedes puzzles on and off the clock. Contact us and we'll get to work!


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