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Quick Mercedes-Benz Service

As a mechanic that has been working on Mercedes-Benz' for more than 30 years, we've learned a thing or two about this luxury car. We have a strong reverence for Mercedes-Benz and their mission to be the best. Mercedes-Benz has dedicated its time and effort into creating luxury vehicles that are now setting industry standards for design, safety, and affordability. Like their longtime symbol represents, “Land, Air, and Sea,” Mercedes-Benz have capitalized on having a presence in each of these industries, creating a reputable and trusted the name that has lasted throughout the decades. CK Auto Exclusive has strived to do the same. We are Santa Rosa's Mercedes-Benz repair shop and we take pride in our customer's feedback, which has resulted in a steady and consistent return. Our customer relationships have quickly morphed into friendships and loyal partnerships because we believe that honesty and dedicated hard work are what truly matters when running a ... read more

Proud Go Local Sonoma County Member

What is Go Local Sonoma County? Go Local works to increase market share to locally owned businesses in Sonoma County. By doing this, the Go Local team and its members work daily to reclaim Sonoma County's economic power and create a better quality of life. Recirculating money and dollars spent within the community helps to boost the local economy and support our local business owners. As a Santa Rosa resident and a community member of Sonoma County, CK Auto Exclusive wholly supports Go Local Sonoma County and its mission to make Sonoma County a thriving area for small business owners. We support Go Local Sonoma County because of the members involved. We are group of Sonoma County locals that are committed to growing not only our own businesses, but the local economy as well. Go ... read more

Mercedes Extended Service Warranty

CK Auto offers Mercedes extended service warranties for our customers' vehicles. We want to be your first choice for repairs and maintenance for as long as your Mercedes-Benz lasts—and even beyond that! We are passionate about treating our customers the right way the first time. If you need a respected, trusted and quality automotive technician, look no further than CK Auto Exclusive. We've been in the business a long time, and we can offer you the professional service you need and deserve. As a certified Santa Rosa Mercedes Benz specialist, CK Auto delivers the best quality workmanship in Santa Rosa. We've been servicing every type of Mercedes-Benz vehicle imaginable since 1977. We specialize in service and repair of newer Mercedes-Benz models and we have the diagnostic computers to do so. Our professional technicians can determine the cause of any problem your Mercedes vehicle ... read more