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What Do My Mercedes Engine Sounds Mean?

We at CK Auto Exclusive are experts at all things Mercedes-Benz. We love difficult-to-diagnose Santa Rosa Mercedes issues, because it's these issues that push our craft forward. Unlike the service centers at Mercedes dealerships, we like to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers. One of the things our customers often ask us is, “What does that sound mean?” In this article we take a look at the synthetic, natural, good and bad sounds that a Mercedes engine can make. AUTOMAKERS LOOK TO SILENCE, AMPLIFY AND CREATE SOUNDS It's no secret that in recent years many automakers have been toggling with the perceptible sounds produced in cars. Some set-ups boost the preexisting sound the engine makes and pipes it into the cabin of the vehicle to allow the driver to better respond to shifting and handling cues. Other set-ups aim to completely eliminate road noise while amplifying engine noise. Technology of this type seeks to create a microcosm within the ... read more


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