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5 Important Mercedes Inspection Tips

Paul Duckworth and his team of Mercedes-Benz experts have been serving Santa Rosa since 1977. Mercedes-Benz designs its cars to last, but strict Mercedes maintenance is required to achieve maximum longevity. When investing in a used Mercedes, it's not always easy to spot prior maintenance failures and current Benz issues. You ultimately need a CK Auto Master Mechanicto vet your final choice before purchase, but here are five Mercedes inspection tips to help you narrow down your choices. Mercedes Pre Purchase Inspection Tip #1 Check the fluid levels and poke around under the hood looking for leaks of any kind. Begin by checking the dipstick for the quantity and condition of the engine oil. If the oil level is well below full, this can indicate that the current owner has failed to address an oil leak or that the engine regularly runs without the optimal oil level ... read more


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