A Quick Check Under the Hood: Mercedes Fluids

It is a good idea to take a quick check under the hood and note the fluids in your Mercedes at least once a month. Quick checks should include oil, engine coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid.


Check oil when the engine is cold or wait until it has cooled down (about five minutes) and the oil has drained into the oil pan. For a brief period from 2000 to 2010, Mercedes-Benz eliminated the manual oil dipstick. If you can't locate a dipstick, check the owner's manual. You may find that oil is checked from the instrument panel.

The engine coolant in the radiator is checked by looking into the radiator on older cars or on newer cars by checking the level through the translucent sides in the remote plastic coolant reservoir. Checking coolant is best done when the engine is cold. Avoid opening the radiator or coolant reservoir when the engine is hot but if you must, check the owner's manual about how to do this without getting scalded. To add fluid, use a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water.

The brake fluid cylinder is attached above the master cylinder to the driver's side of the engine and is usually semitransparent. The maximum and minimum levels are stamped into the side of the reservoir. Do not add brake fluid unless the level is near or below the minimum level.

The power steering fluid reservoir on older Mercedes is usually located to the lower driver's side of the engine attached to the power steering pump, which is driven by a belt. The level can be checked visually or with the dipstick on the cap. Use transmission fluid or special fluid specified by Mercedes Benz as stated in your owner's manual.

If you want to keep your Mercedes for years to come it is essential to maintain it properly. With proper care and diligent maintenance, you can keep your Mercedes running smoothly for much longer. Contact us today to talk to one of our professional, knowledgeable technicians to determine an appropriate action for you and your car. For regular Mercedes maintenance and repair, visit CK Automotive and repair in Santa Rosa for all your needs.


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